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Senior Software Engineer and Technical Artist

Aquatic Deceptions

Aquatic Deceptions

Aquatic Deceptions is my ‘Create with Code’ Game Jam entry for the theme ‘Secrets’. In this WebGL game, the game presents you with a series of levels, each with a number of AI fish. A few fish are different though, they CHANGE COLOR and it’s your job to find them.

Some of these fish are different than the rest. Can you find them in time?

The game tests your observational skills, identifying fish that are different from the rest in a limited amount of time. Gameplay: When each level loads, a number of “Chameleon Fish” will be present swimming around with the others. When you think you’ve identified a color switching ‘Chameleon Fish’, hit the key to pause the camera movement. Move your mouse around to hover over the fish you think is different to highlight it. Hit again, and if you found one of the ‘Chameleons’, it’ll be removed and play will continue. You can’t linger though, as the timer keeps counting down!.

The Jam Entry is PLAYABLE here!

WebGL URL: https://rodellison.itch.io/aquatic-deceptions


Fish AI Scripting and Fish models for this game-jam entry is based on my learnings from Dr. Penny de Byl’s awesome Unity Learn ‘AI for Beginners’ class. I gamified the learnings by implementing UI, Cameras, Post Processing and modifying AI logic to account for the ‘chameleons’. Unity Asset Store items used: