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Hololens Syllabus

Hololens Syllabus

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Created as part of a freelance contract for iPerformX, this project involved taking their 2D web based syllabus environment and envisioning and creating working Mixed reality and Virtual Reality based prototypes.

The MRTK (Mixed Reality Toolkit) from Microsoft, along with Unity, was used to create the application. An MRTK ‘periodic table’ demo served as a foundation idea for representing training elements in a row/column structure. Animation of key items (bringing elements to the user, opening them up for display, etc.) brings the application to life, along with a 3D Holographic (Iron Man like) helmet, when in VR mode.

I really enjoyed this project, the MRTK toolkit and latest Oculus Utilities are making it much easier to build interactive environments and details, including grabble UIs.