Hi, I'm Rod Ellison 👋

Senior Software Engineer and Technical Artist



Swoosh is a motion tracking basketball free throw game.

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Swoosh is a basketball free throw game I created for the purposes of using at a Trade Show whereby booth visitors can try their hand at making virtual free throws. I know.. there’s a couple basketball simulators out there already.. but I wanted one that could be customized for individual needs, dynamic placement of corporate logos, etc.

The cool part is the use of motion tracking cameras (I’m using Orbbec, and translating user skeletal motion into interaction with a digital basketball). We all like the Chachkies that you get when you visit a booth for information. If a booth isn’t visually exciting, most people just pick up the give-away, and keep walking.. The mini-game is a way to make a booth stand out, and be a visually entertaining, and interactive fun way to attract and engage with prospective customers.

Incorporated is a nice Basketball Arena asset on the Asset store. The asset’s Basketball net was a little heavy in terms of vertices.. (around 60k vertices each net), so I used blender to whip up a simple low poly model (60 vertices) with a simple alpha texture wrap. Then, within Unity - applied a cloth to it to allow for the basketball and net to have a cool physics interaction. Modern People , VR Hands and Arms, and Gestures MoCap2 were other assets incorporated.

A Settings UI allows for customization of various sound levels for game effects, the crowd, basketball sounds, music, etc as well as configurable elements (whether two hands are required, inactivity timers for cinematics to display.)

Custom scripting for all image loading allows for reuse and branding with different corporate logos and their respective color schemes.

The project incorporates Cinemachine and Timeline for cut scenes, and for activating animations, scriptable objects and particle effects. Post Processing for bloom and color grading. Lastly, I built in a way to control the app using an inexpensive off-the-shelf remote clicker, to start new games, adjust the Orbbec to properly adjust to players of various heights, etc. and also so the presenter (of the kiosk or trade show table) can be out in front with the user.

Swoosh Cinematics:

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